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     Resume Crafters    

  • Implements Career Growth and  Self-Management Strategies
  • Writes Dynamic, High Impact Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Government Style Resumes: Remix, 612, ESQ's,  KSA's, and Ranking Factors.
  • Improves  Interviewing, Networking & Negotiation Skills

THE BEST RESUMES TELL A STORY.  Does your resume capture a readers attention?  Written words are very powerful. Enhance your earning potential with a dynamic resume and cover letter. Get more interviews and shorten your job search. Showcase your achievements in a beautifully crafted resume.

OUR DYNAMIC COVER LETTERS HIGHLIGHT your skills and qualifications to fit a specific industry or occupation.  We create personalized, specialized resumes and cover letters. Our writers are skilled professionals who make you look good on paper. Captivate the reader with your  unique history. Present a compelling  view of your career and target your achievements and skills. Open doors to career fulfillment. 

How much are you worth on paper? $$$

Resume Crafters  gives your resume a competitive edge.  Invest in yourself and your future with a resume will yield dividends for years to come. Human resource departments initially scan your resume and eliminate it based on screen out factors. We remove these problems and get you interviews.





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   Work with a Certified Career Coach & Resume Specialist 

   We can help:

  • Create a new vision for your career & resume
  • Build confidence & success
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand your goals and challenges
  • Add value to  past work
  • Create  job search strategies
  • Critique your resume
  • Produce a new look and focus for your resume.
  • Craft targeted cover letters
  • Solve the problems of job gaps and career changes.
  • Take your career to a higher level
  • Upload your resume to  internet job banks
  • Target the hidden job market 
  • Write business profiles
  • Craft personal biographies 

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       Call us at (202) 686-7235 or e-mail us at  resumecrafters@yahoo.com

 Take the First Step!

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            Call us at (202) 686-7235 or e-mail us at  resumecrafters@yahoo.com