Dynamic cover letters are a necessity in todayís fast paced internet focused job market . Employers get hundreds of resumes, especially when they advertise a position on a Job search  site.  A cover letter provides the opportunity  to see how youíve highlighted your skills and talents, if you have submitted one with your resume through the internet.

Most job opening are found via job posting ads at job search sites like Careerbuilder.com, or in ads in the newspaper, trade magazines, and other publications. Employment agencies and executive-search firms are another source of open-market positions.   Another part of the market is harder to find out about. In order to get these jobs you must compile a list of companies in your field where you may want to work and send out broadcast letter to ask if they have a job opening.  A broadcast letter is a type of cold call contact  that can be  effective if you have a specific set of companies you wish to work for or are looking to work in a specific geographic location. There are many resume dispersal services you can google to find a company  to upload a contact letter and  resume  in bulk to different addresses.


As far as cover letters are concerned, itís impossible to have one cover letter that can be used to apply for all job.  Instead you must tailor your cover letter to show skills that are applicable to the job youíre applying for just as you would your resume.

These days few employers seriously consider a resume that is not accompanied by a cover letter The letter should contain keywords that will be picked up by a scanning device and will ensure that you get a call that may lead to a job interview. The cover letter may describe why you are perfect for the job

An excellent cover letter targets the job skills contained in the job description. You may have a paragraph or two that you can use over and over again when tailoring that defines your background, education and experience that is congruent with the job youíre applying for.

A good cover letter also shows an employer that you have the confidence and background to do well at a job.  You can summarize why you would be an excellent choice for the position and actually ask to be hired.  Although, you may be applying for a job in a particular field there are many job titles available that you can with a tailored cover letter apply for.  Itís important to emphasize different skills or tailor a cover letter to show experience you may not have documented well on your resume.


Your letter can explain things that your resume can't such as large gaps in your employment history. You may, for example, be reentering the job market or changing careers, a cover letter can explain these circumstances in a positive way.

Finally, a cover letter provides an opportunity to express your personality. It can suggest to an employer that this person would be good to interview because she sounds like someone I'd like to get to know better and seems like the kind of person this business needs.


There are several types of cover letters Ė a letter of introduction written by a colleague what supports your background and work history of the job.

Another is a letter of application where you describe your qualifications and give a detailed information about what youíve done and how it supports the job you are applying for  displayed in the job description.

A broadcast letter, on the other hand, is comprised of general information about your background that could be sent to many different employers as a feeler to see if there are any jobs available that require a person with your skills and background.


A cover letter can serve the same function as the "job objective" on your resume, and expand upon your work history. Some applicants find a job objective too limiting and want to show a potential employer that they are qualified to perform several different jobs with basically similar skill sets.

However, your cover letter should be specific about the skills you want to present. It is not up to the employer to define who you are from your many talents and select a job for you. Instead, you must choose and emphasize areas that demonstrate how you have the  experience and ability to do the job.

Another type of letter focuses on why you want to seek admission to a college, graduate school or medical school or believe you should receive a scholarship. This type of letter is a profile of you and your background that highlights why you want to attend a certain school and underscores that you have the potential as well to succeed.