You don’t need a special form to answer KSAs.  Each one is listed on a separate piece of paper. The average length is from  half  to a full page.


In order to be selected for an interview for a Federal job, you must compete with other folks to describe your Knowledge, Skills, Abilities. Be sure to add your name, job announcement number and position title at the top of each page.  





 Be sure to note the kind and level of training that you completed.  



Discuss your experience for all agencies, offices, and departments you worked for to show the depth and range of your experience.


Write about how you used  software to achieve results.


·         If you supervised people tell how many and what your special duties were in regard to your employees.

·         If on the other hand, if you do not have a supervisory background but performed a leadership role with those you worked with for,  such as planning the work load and assigning tasks to others, describe what you did.

·         Did you work independently with little supervision? Were you a self starter who had to draft memorandums or letters? Did you assist in managing and supervising programs? If so, include this information in the KSA.

·         Did you coordinate large projects and coordinate activities for several groups? If so describe how you coordinated responsibilities and acted as a strategic planner.

·         Does your job impact the safety of others? If so discuss the standards you followed in your current and past jobs.

·         If you oversaw the work of others, discuss how many employees you supervised, their titles, and what were your supervisory responsibilities.


If you have worked as a Supervisor you must elaborate on your leadership skills:


·         Demonstrate leadership qualities by discussing how you helped others work towards the organization’s vision, mission and goals in an environment that  fosters reduction of conflict, self development, cooperation and teamwork.

·         Show how you used technical knowledge, analysis of problems and risks to achieve high quality results; manage human, financial, and informational resources; and build coalitions with other Federal Agencies, state and local governments and non-profit organizations.

·         Mention in your KSAs, new groups you may have contact with such as different process engineering work environments, partnerships, and quality work groups.

·         Describe how you showed initiative and creativity in your office while working under stressful situations. Name the projects, programs, products, or activities you were responsible for and how you used your experience and strengths to get the job done. Tell what you did in a detailed explanation to save time and money and how you achieved results in percentages. For example: I implemented Sarbanes Oxley cost procedures that saved the office over 50 percent in miscellaneous expenditures during the last year.

·         List all the monetary and other recognition awards such as letters of achievement, write-ups in your office newsletter and scholarship, service, or volunteer awards.

·         Name contacts and your relationship with headquarter staff, agencies, inspectors, government officials or authorities.