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Too Busy to Write KSAs?

Free Consultation to Help You Prepare Your KSA's

Resume Crafters can save you time by writing, editing  and formatting them for you. During our consultation,  we review your KSA questions, capture information then write and edit each KSA, adding important keywords while summarizing your accomplishments, work experience, education and training.

Resume Crafters are experts at crafting KSA's and  have written Federal Resumes that target over 120 job industries.  Each KSA  responds to a question. Your response tells  a story about your work experience and qualifications.

Help with KSA's (Knowledge Skills and Ability) questions

A typical  KSA is between a half or full page in length.  Applicants apply for  individual openings that are listed  at www.usajobs.opm.gov or on individual government agency web sites.  It's important to be concise when writing your KSA's, (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities), Occupational Questionnaires (OQs), and Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) statements.  The government evaluates each candidate based on his or her ability to describe the duties of their job.    Below is a example of an answer to a KSA.


Example: Rodger Barnes.pff





Chronological Resume

Every Resume Package comes with a Resume and Cover Letter plus a copy  on disk.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter  gets an employer's attention. and  tells what you have to offer.