Translating Resumes for the Internet  If you're thinking about writing an electronic resume   review these suggestions

Dynamic Cover Letters Learn about different styles of cover letters that help you get hired

Tips for Writing an Executive Summary  An executive summary is a snapshot of your  career        

How to Appear Powerful at Work   Intimidated at work? Here's a few tips on appearing strong.

Making Up Stories At Work This syndrome is a kind of illness that is still rare on the job

What is a KSA?  Becoming Knowledgeable about this information can help you get a Federal job

How to write a KSA Tips for writing KSAs  for government jobs if you are an employee or supervisor
Job Hunters Cast Wide Net Online The internet and commercial on-line services offer career bulletin boards and jobs. 

Time Management  When goal setting goes wrong benefits are lost and the whole process can fail. Learn how to avoid these problems. 

Stress Smoke Signals  Are you aware of your stress smoke signals? Learn how to read your stress barometer: Your body is trying to tell you something.

Interviewing Tips  Will you say the right thing? Will you look appropriate? Learn how to deal with stress. 

Job Hunting Costs Can Be Deductible  Most job hunting expenses including the cost of preparing resumes, career counseling, employment agencies, and even meals incurred during interviews are tax deductible. You don't have to be successful in finding another job to take them. 

Networking Tips   Find out how to get the most out of networking. Check out these suggestions. 

Best Telecommuting Cities  Despite government support of telecommuting efforts to many it remains an unrealized dream; yet there are cities where it has gained a toe hold. 

Surviving the Ax with Out Placement Increasingly out placement sources include the use of the World Wide Web as a key job search tool. Companies are actually training people to use the Internet to find jobs. 

How to Evaluate a Job Offer Learn how to determine if the offer, salary,  future advancement, and benefits are right.

How to Cope When You're Suddenly Jobless Tips on surviving a job lay-off.


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