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    When It Comes To Your Career... close the Gap Between Where You Are & Where You Want to Be...

   Are you are a seasoned professional ready for a  job change? If so, I can help you target and achieve a more fulfilling career through career coaching

We'll work together to identify your goals, skills and  priorities for the present and future. Learn how to mitigate the  problems that hold you back and create a plan to over come these obstacles.

 Every step of the way, I'll be there to provide support and instill confidence.

There are additional steps in the job search process that are vital to understanding how to achieve what you want.

  • Creating a well directed skill-oriented Resume is just the first step.

  • Networking, job search strategies, interviewing and salary negotiations are important vehicles to finding the right job as well.

  • Enhancing your Linkedin profile as well as skill writing bios is necessary to create a competitive edge.

  • Participating in Mock Interview/coaching to practice how to structure answers and and control non-verbal communication can bring more success and value to your job interviews. Through situational and behavioral interviews, you can practice different styles of communication that develop stories demonstrating specific challenges, actions and results or identify opportunities, actions and outcomes to enhance your performance in the past  and the value you will deliver in the future.

Get practice and professional advice for  any of these areas helping candidates to  successfully navigate through these issues.

Career coaching and career testing help clients develop a career roadmap and strategies for career satisfaction and success. We've learned that virtually everyone benefits from career assessment and testing, career and employer research, interview preparation, assistance in the job search, reference checking and our relationships with experienced recruiters and executive search firms.

As the job market has become challenging for everyone, it has become more difficult to make the right career choices. Having a career coach to guide you through the process can make all the difference. Our career coaches keep abreast of current job market trends by reviewing available government data, speaking with corporate recruiters and small business owners in the area and through the news media.

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