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Rresume Crafters writes, edits and formats Federal Resumes and KSAs.  The first 15 minutes of the initial consultation is free. The  consultation consists of an hour   interviewing time.  We will design a resume format for your Federal Resume. We discuss your background, accomplishments and strengths.  The questions surrounding each KSA are discussed in detail. They are written in an informative, anecdotal style that incorporates your achievements, work history, managerial experience, training and goals. At the Home Page, (click on prices to see a list of fees and services located under the index on the left hand side of the screen.)

Call today for a consultation 202 686-7235

Tips for Writing A Federal Resume

The first step to finding the type of Federal job you want is to perform a search on-line through  www.usajobs.opm.gov.  After entering the name of a job title the Federal Jobs Database is searched and the names of the available jobs are displayed.  You will also see the opening and closing dates which represent the time the job will be open for application.  Depending on the level of the job  you may be required to respond to Knowledge, Skills, and Ability questions that represent evaluation criteria that make up KSA questions.

 When Are You Required to Fill Out KSAs? 

In general, entry level jobs do not require KSAs.  However, KSAs are specific questions about a job applicant’s experience that can be answered on- line or in the package you send to the government.  If  a job application package has KSAs you are required to answer them. Each of the four KSAs  requires a statement that is half a page to a full page in length.  The KSA is written using “I”.  If you have questions about the qualification standards you can always call a personal specialist. Their name and number is noted in the job information.

 The importance of keywords

The job description and KSA questions are filled with information and keywords. When you submit your resume and KSA’s, your application is checked for key words for which you will receive a score.  If you score high in the keywords used to describe your work experience, you may be a selected for a job interview. It is important to use the keywords words from the KSAs to describe your work and jobs experiences..

 Each agency may have its own format for the resume you are required to create. Some formats  may be more flexible or restrictive.  Reading the information carefully will give you a good indication of what is expected of you. Look for the directions about sending your resume package by mail or the internet along with addresses and the appropriate time and date.

Mandatory Information

While the government has attempted to incorporate some of the features of a corporate resume such as a job summary or a list of accomplishments in the new resume format, there is still mandatory information not used in corporate or private industry resumes that is required by a government resume.  These requirements are as follows: 

  • Include your Social Security number

  • Supervisor’s name and home number
  • Beginning and ending salaries
  • Street address, city, state, and zip
  • Military status
  • Zip codes for colleges attended
  • High school name and date of graduation
  • College course credits and GPO

 Today’s Federal Resume is different from the old form 171

 The typical Federal Resume is now 3-5 pages instead of 4-80 pages that once comprised a SF 171.  The format is flexible with shorter descriptions. The style of the resume tries to be attractive with sufficient white space. It is up to you to create the format unless there are instructions in the job description that specifies otherwise. Watch out for registries you may have to utilize when you upload your application. If you are a government employee you are required to submit a current performance appraisal.

 The OF 612, another government form was designed to replace the SF 171. It is very short and only contains space for three positions. The form is structured and can not be changed.  Space to type in your education is located on the last page. You can perform a search on google  by typing in  "government job applications" in the search field you can access a copy of OF 612 that you can download.



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