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What can you expect from Resume Crafters?

Get the job you want and the salary you deserve!

 Quality is our number one priority

Resume Crafters hires skilled writers with more than ten years of experience who know how to show case your talents and skills in a resume. When a resume reads beautifully, targets your skills and describes your background in terms of the job you are seeking, you  will  get  interviews or we will rewrite it for free.

Our job is not over until you are satisfied

The bottom line is this, if your resume does not get interviews than it is nothing but a liability.*  We take your strengths, capabilities and experience and communicate them to a prospective employer.  Resume Crafters takes resume writing very seriously. After all,  your resume is the only document a potential employer has to judge you by. When quality counts, don't sabotage your chances by presenting a second rate product.

*After you  receive your resume by email, you have one opportunity to change the wording or placement of text without any additional charge. This includes changes to text but not the format. Changes to the format are additional. If after the second edition of your resume is received and if you want additional changes  contact us for an estimate for  the cost of additional charges.

*We will rewrite any resume that does not receive at least two interviews within the first two months after completion of the resume for resumes that have not been discounted in any way. Changes to the resume that are made but not approved by Resume Crafters invalidate rewriting the resume at no extra charge  You must be able to substantiate that your resume was sent to and evaluated by an employer and you were not asked for an interview.

Make an investment in your self

With a resume prepared by Resume Crafters, you can be assured you will have the competitive edge in today's job market.


  • You are interviewed by a seasoned professional who knows how to handle job gaps, career changes, and years of experience in the same type of job. You will feel confident that your resume stands out from the crowd.
  • A well written resume can help to increase your salary by thousands of dollars.
  • Your resume is an advertisement . Every word builds a positive image and highlights your strengths, work experience and character traits that show an employer why you are a perfect match for the job.


  • Because your resume is designed especially for you, one price does not fit all. It is necessary to look at your background and assess what you need and want to achieve before an estimate can be given. The charge for writing and formatting a resume depends on the length and complexity of the information supplied. For your free estimate, send an email copy of your resume to
  • If you accept our price than a Resume Professional will interview you on the phone or in person. 
  • All the following career packages include one original resume and cover letter sent electronically to your email account.  Select from the following:
Career Coaching ServicesS
 Time to change your career or organization? What are you most passionate about? How do  you use your strengths, gifts and abilities to get more of what you want?  Career coaching provides the opportunity to focus on personal empowerment and development of  leadership and  communication skills. Call for an appointment today.
Areas of Focus
  • Changing Organizations
  • Identifying your passion, strengths, gifts, and key abilities.
  • Refocusing Vision
  • Building leadership skills
IInitial Consultation   

The first 15 minutes are free. This meeting will focuses on what you want to accomplish & provides an overview of how we will achieve it.


* All estimates presented here are made with out seeing the work to be done. If you have five years work experience, writing a resume requires less time than if you have twenty years. Writing a cover letter for a career that spans twenty years of work requires more time and effort than the resume of a person who has only two years of work experience. These factors are taken in consideration when making a final estimate.
Send your resume by e-mail  and attach your resume file (  Once we receive all your information, we will  contact you by phone or  e-mail  to   discuss your future plans and provide an estimate about the proposed work, or additional material that would be helpful. If it is acceptable you can pay by  PayPal,  check or cash . After payment arrangements have been made, we will call you to discuss your work history.

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Capture  an employer's attention. with what you have to offer.
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Your cover letter  gets an employer's attention. and  tells what you have to offer.